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6 Platforms to create your own website

It is more essential than ever to have an online presence. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for a new job or if you simply want a place to tell your personal story—how you appear on the site influences what people think of you. Here are 6 different platforms on how create own website.

This is the quickest way to create an online site that allows people to easily discover and learn about you. It’s a single landing page where you can add a beautiful picture, some bio text, and links to your social profiles and personal websites—consider it your personal home page!, like, has a home page where you can aggregate all of your social media profiles and personal information. What distinguishes it? You may have several pages on your web and also embed images or audio, making it ideal for displaying any of your portfolio or including an innovative video resume.


Strikingly is just a landing page, but it seems to be a beautiful (and smartphone and tablet-friendly!) website. You should have a page with full-screen images, separate parts to show off the many facets, and, of course, links to all the ways to contact you in less than 30 minutes. Ideal for someone who likes to show off a variety of projects. is a step up from and in that it is less of a landing page and more of a full-fledged profile. You will use it to spread your experience, skills, press mentions, and contacts in order to pique the interest of others. It’s similar to a LinkedIn profile, but much more personalized.


Pixelhub allows you to collect everything about you on the internet in one location, including photo galleries, social media posts, maps, contact information, and more. Pixelhub is ideal for the social (media) butterfly because it allows users to track you directly from the web and also provides live streams of your social posts!


This robust framework allows you to build an extremely complex and modern-looking website without having to write a single line of code. Entrepreneurs, freelancers, designers, small business owners, and photographers will all use the basic drag-and-drop editor to create beautiful homepages, beautifully spectacular photo galleries, and talented blogs.

These are 6 different platforms on how create own website. Keep visiting to know more.

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