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Advanced SEO Checklist

We also developed a guide of the most critical SEO activities to keep your site safe and stunning. You do not catch any dust for all your hard work. You need to periodically update your website to decide whether your efforts were worth it.

Check this list of Advanced SEO and start boosting your website:

Clean Your Site of Duplicate Content

As repeat content is not the most orthodox method, you can start to clean your Web site if that is the case, so that you are not penalized by Google. A easy way to detect this by using the website monitoring software. Copyscape and Siteliner are some of the most popular methods for testing duplicate content.

Another way to avoid duplicate material is by canonical tags. If for example, the domain is, or could be The rel=canonical tag must be used on one URL only.

Watch keywords – build a ranking list of keywords

You want to score as high as possible so you can still follow the keywords to see how the website does. You must first look to list the keywords of which you want to classify. You don’t have to manually track them. There are many tools that can support you. You then have to keep them in a uniform structure to track them, if possible even monthly. You should use a Rank Tracker tool since it saves time and resources.

Keep the tags inside your site as exclusive and important

You should refine the title tag after you write the contents to express what you want to convey. You must check whether you have double title tags. It is significant. You do this by registering your web-page in Google Webmaster Tools and looking for the duplicated titles in HTML upgrades.

Optimize Descriptive ALT Tag pictures

You should also valide an essential SEO task to make its contents any more pertinent, include the alt description in your image. Please aim to incorporate at least one photo in your content to be more readable and explicit, if you have never thought about adding photos.

You can conveniently add an alt image definition if you use an open-source content management framework like WordPress or Blogger.

Write Competitive Content to Remain Strong

Your material has to be unique and your readers worthwhile. In addition to being competitive, the public must select the website and not the one of the rivals. This means you should be able to see what and how your opponent addressed this before composing a new piece of material. This is simple by testing the page. This can be achieved using the “site: site name keyword” query for Google

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