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Black Hat SEO Techniques

A shady, unreliable white hat SEO cousin is Black hat. These strategies work by breaches of operation search engine terminology and an emphasis on methods used to improve the page ranking of search engine results. Black hat SEO tactics are not of interest to the customer or to the user’s experience, but instead raise ranks for the Website using the methods of rank payment, replication and knowledge presentation. Finally, SEO’s black hat removes the utility of Internet providers and drives undesirable pages to the top of the search ranking.

. Here’s a look into few black hat SEO techniques:

6 Reasons Why Some People Think Black Hat SEO Tactics Work


The SEO strategy of “cloaking” black hat is almost as riddle-clad as it seems. It is cloaky when only one version of a website is produced. One of the sites is for browsers and the other for search engines. The contents of the presented page were modified in compliance with the audience by redirecting users to an IP address rather than a search engine.

Duplicating Content

As simple as it is, duplicating material plagiarizes the work of someone, not itself. Just like it is captured in education, in the world of SEO it’s equally devastating. Search engines search for specific material in the course of classification, which explicitly duplicates the contents that ranks for you and the content owner from whom you copy. Do your own job. Do your own work!

Hidden Text

This technique of black hat applies to the text and connections of the contents of a page that is inaccessible to the user but still visible on the page scanner. This makes it easier for Black Hats to take advantage of putting some material on a website without really revealing it to anyone. Search engines will also rate the pages as though the material were already on a website, and have an unconstitutional rating. Sorry, black hat SEO. Shame on you.

Links paid

As black hat SEO recognizes that linking building is key to the SEO community, another notorious method of linking is implemented that is incorrectly done. In black hat SEO, links are paid according to the page ranking to get a higher search result. Whilst SEO is concentrating on providing, integrating and embedding links within its content as well as other related pages, black hat SEO is focusing on not doing any work while reaping the rewards by paying for links.

Keyword Stuffing

Ranking the results well depends on the density of a keyword page. In order to expand the view and scope of pages, black hat SEO strategies are containing keywords.

White hat SEO-suitable keyword density falls to 2-3%, making sure the user looks for an appropriate and quality article that contributes to good user experience. By using the keyword stuffing strategy in black hat, the content is loaded, filled and overloaded with lower quality content and poorer experience.

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