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How is Siteground working for people?

Siteground provides you the site setup tools, premium features and all types of support that you require for the formation of your website. This web host has been taking care of all its websites since 2004 and it has been coming up with new innovations since then. Siteground is based in USA and it has branches all over in UK, Spain, and Bulgaria and has several datacentre locations around the globe

There are four types of hosting that site ground has designed as a part of it. They are Web hosting, WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting and Cloud hosting. Web hosting has got three very efficient packages which are Start up, Grow big, Go Geek.

The first package that is the Start up is designed for the beginners and who have just started their career in the field of web designing. You can get this package at $3.95/MO. with 1 website, 10 GB web space, 10,000 visits monthly also giving you free site builder. The second package is Grow big which is designed for those who are actually developing with their websites providing unlimited websites, 20 GB web space, 25000 monthly visits and also many premium features like WordPress staging and super cacher. The third package is Go Geek which is available at the price of $11.95/mo. with unlimited websites, 30 GB web space, 1lakh monthly visits along with geeky and premium features like white label site management, WordPress staging.

They make use of a powerful hardware with high speed SSD disks, fast software and protocols and speed boosting solutions with the help of the SG optimizer plugin. The security of the website is also prior to Siteground. They have some high rated support squads. It’s not necessary that a web host will have 100percent customer satisfaction, there could be few customers who would have faced some issues while website hosting.

But Siteground makes sure that they meet the expectations of their customers and provide them with the best and efficient service as much as possible. Siteground has a wonderful team. With the best customer support team, it is evident that this hosting server is able to deliver excellent service and is very helpful considering all the aspects.


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