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Important SEO Ranking for Blogging

In this world of online marketing it is very important to have a good presence on the internet so that more people visit your site. Many times, bloggers don’t understand the importance of seo and hence are not able to rank on the SERP of Google due to which they loose out on their potential readers.

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Important SEO Ranking for Blogging


Content is still one of the important ranking factors that stills rules that market. it is very important to keep in mind that quality is more important than quantity, it is not like where word count was the main factor to considered. Write an article that is real and is related to what your users are looking for better engagement.

Fresh Content

Another important factor to tank on Google’s SERP page is that the content must be new. According to the Google Freshness Algorithm, new content is given more importance than the content with ranking old content. This Algorithm was like the complete change in game plan which led a high impact on most of the bloggers.


One of the biggest importance of seo are Backlinks which are also called as link building plays a big role for your ranking on google page. Backlinks are one of the biggest and the strongest factor to rank according to Penguin 4.0 Algorithm. Bloggers must concentrate to get links from domains with high authority that will also help you in ranking for your keyword rapidly.

Mobile Optimization

Another important reason for your site to rank rapidly on the google result page is by following the instructions of google that says mobile first indexing. Mobile first indexing means that if your blog or your site is not compatible enough with the mobile phones then this may affect your ranking on the result page.

Schema Code

Another biggest importance of seo is also one of the factors for googles ranking. if you are willing to rank higher on the search engine then you must be performing SEO as this helps google to understand on what your content is all about. Adding a Schema code that is relevant to your content will be beneficial for ranking.

These are some of the important SEO ranking factors that is must to be followed by all the bloggers that will surely help them to rank on the google page and eventually generate more visitors.

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