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IONOS web hosting features

1&1 hosting also known as is one of the most reliable web hosting provider. It is considered to be extremely safe and is equipped with the latest technologies. This web host has got very creative web creation tools and is also having cloud hosting facility. 1&1 is owned by a German Internet company and is mainly known for the excellent customer support. 1&1 had also won Editor’s choice award for its amazing large scale cloud hosting facility.

1&1 IONOS is very efficient in the fields of Web hosting, Website building and VPS hosting. Web hosting is very fast and reliable too. If you are planning for the web hosting, it will just cost you $1 per month. It will just take 2.48 seconds to load the full page which proves its rapid speed. There are benefits added to it like unlimited websites and the storage capacity is also unlimited. It provides you unlimited databases too.

Customer support system has been enhanced with a very good idea of sending an email alert in case if there is any risk of delayed requests which might lead to low performance. But this web host is capable enough to avoid such situations. Another feature that makes 171 IONOS even more amazing and customer friendly is the best plugins that they offer along.

The templates are eye catchy, responsive and also mobile friendly. Most important part is the amount of attention that your website is getting from the viewers. Make your website stand out with the help of the easy editor which is absolutely hassle free and as the name suggests, it’s easy to use. The templates are designed as such that it’s extremely easy and convenient to us on mobile phones and tablets. It also gives freedom to upload the images you want.

Also social media can be considered a platform to spread the word about the website host. The VPS Hosting by 1&1 IONOS is cloud powered and is also affordable. It prevents unlimited traffic and also the performance by this host is very powerful and also very impressive.


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