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Most popular type of schema that you must be using

Schema Markup is nothing but a code that is added on the back end of the website which are available in types of formats that is JSON-LD, RDFa and Microdata. There are many types of schema that can be used according to the content and information. These schemas help us in giving is the extra information.

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Most popular type of schema that you must be using

Organization Schema

Organization Schema is one of the most used and one pf the popular schema used that will speak about the company introduction, their contact info, their location, logo of that organization and more. For ex, if you go and type Samsung your can find their info on the top right side of the search engine result page.

Local Business Schema

Local Business Schema is another type of schema that is used by local business or local companies. This Schema is also very useful to the people who have local business like a restaurant, organizations and more. This schema shows the information like the location, their address, menu, contact info, pictures, opening hours and more.

Person Schema

Person Schema is also one of the most used type of markup that gives information on the person which is mainly used for famous personalities. This Markup shows all the essential information about them like their picture, name, birth date, their education, family members, their major achievements and more for instance if you type Shah Rukh Khan you can find all the info.

Article Schema

Article Schema is also one of the most popular type of schema that is used by the bloggers when there is a new post. This schema is also used by news blogs and websites. By this schema search engines will know what the article is all about and this will help you in ranking. This schema gives a description on what the content is all about when was it posted and more.

Product and Offer Schema

Product and Offer Schema is also one of the most used and popular schemas that is used by many people who are in to sales be it of the product or a service. This type of schema is mainly used when where is a new product launched that gives you all the information related to it like name of the products or service, price with the currency and also if any offers there.

These are some of the most popular type of schema that is mostly used by everyone according to their preferences and suitability. We hope you have liked this article and got the info you have been looking for. Do share your views on the above article.

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