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Siteground Reviews: Pros and Cons

Siteground is an excellent choice for the customers in the field of web hosting services because of many reasons like impressive performance, innovations and continued upgradation to the web hosting platform. Their features are best suited for wordpress, Drupal and Joomla websites. The Siteground staff is very well trained to give helpful and responsive assistance to their customers. Now let us check out the Siteground reviews in terms of pros and cons.


  1. High loading speed:

If you are new to hosting, then you should be aware of the fact that speed is everything here and siteground is best in terms of speed as it can load your website 4 times faster than others. As you know that if the speed slows down by even a second, it impacts a website in a great manner and the siteground knows this very well. That is why they work on the combinations of softwares and hardwares to keep the speed up to the mark.

  1. Quick server response time:

Server response time is the time taken by the server to respond on the request before displaying the content on the screen. For instance, Google’s server response time is 200ms and if it is more than that you can feel the lag. Siteground has the best server response time of 129.8ms across the world and this is the quickest server response time which is remarkable. Make sure the data center should be closest to the target market for great results. 

  1. 100% uptime:

Siteground has 99.99% uptime and that too since 2014. This is possible because siteground uses its own technology to ignore the down time and maintain the uptime for so long. Technologies like linux containers, proactive server monitoring team, anti bot AI, secure account isolation technology, etc. This is the important point in terms of Siteground Reviews.

  1. Best customer support:

Best customer support team increases the company’s credibility and the customer support of siteground is above expectations. They have 24×7 live chat, call support and tickets, 30 day priority support, knowledge based articles, etc. Reviews say that people had a happy experience with the siteground customer support and always got a satisfactory feeling.


  1. Limited resources:

Everything has its pros and cons and so has the siteground. Despite having great performance, best uptime and optimized softwares, their shared hosting options are limited and you will get only a certain amount of space for the selected plan. So they have limited resources. 

  1. Higher price for second term:

As a new user you can get even up to 60% discount on the price tag. But after that once the subscription is over, you need to pay the full amount which starts from $11.95 to $34.95 per month for the renewal of the plan which is quite costly. So we suggest you max out the subscription plan as a new user to save some money.

So this is all about the Siteground reviews. Hope you find it useful.

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