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The Top 5 Affiliate Marketers

If you are the one who want to make money online affiliate marketing is one of the best sources to get good income from. All you have to do is put in a little extra effort and your are there. There are many people who have earned lakhs of dollars and here is list of the best ones.

Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Websites 2020 | ONE

The 5 top affiliate marketers

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is said to be one of the top affiliate marketers who has started his online business in the year 2008. He has put in lot of time and effort where his monthly incomes are said to be around $53,000. Some his most popular websites,, and are the most know sites.

John Chow

John Chow is also one of most known affiliate marketers who has set up his online business with in two to three years of time. He is one such person who began with nothing but now the estimated monthly income of him is said to be around $40,000 and more. If you are new to affiliate marketing then you must surely visit his main site

Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy Schoemaker is also said to be one of the top affiliate marketers who have the best knowledge on affiliates. He has earned millions of dollars by affiliate marketing where the estimated amount of income in these 5 years is said to be more than $3,000,000. You can visit his main website, for more detailed knowledge.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is like a all rounder who is a successful entrepreneur who has built his own career at a very young age. Some of the top websites that you can visit are, and His companies are said to worth more than $5 million to $10 million and is now one of the top marketers.

Affiliate Summit

Affiliate Summit is another known entrepreneur who started working affiliates in the year of 2013. She is still new to affiliate marketing but still she has put in all the effort and hard work to reach the position she is now. Her estimated earning is said to around $500,000 and you can visit her main website affiliate to know more.

These are some of the top affiliate marketers that you can follow and learn on how they started with nothing and now are the inspiration of many people who are willing to start their own online business. Keep visiting to know more.

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