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Right before you begin with optimizing your website it is very much essential for you to understand the various other types of SEO that is available for your business the techniques could be bad as well as good therefore it is important to understand the different strategies and techniques that will help you create a campaign driving more results for your business. In this article we will cover 4 types of SEO associated to the same.

4 White Hat SEO Techniques To Outrank Your Competitors | Twinword

White hat SEO

White hat SEO techniques are title to be e the best way in order to improve your website ranking over the search engine results pages over time. In simple terms white hat SEO are the techniques that are recommended by Google itself to rank your website better. the techniques include creating high quality content which ensures bringing malleable leads to the page that are interested in your business you can focus on creating various types of industry related content which includes e-books videos infographics and blog posts. Optimizing HTML by cleaning up the Messy code eliminating the white space and deleting the necessary text will ensure that your website perform better. sharing on social media platform will help you drive better traffic to your website and as majority of the population of the internet on the mobile it is important to make your website mobile friendly as well.

Black Hat SEO

In contrary of white hat SEO this type of SEO techniques 10 to exploit the search engine organisms in order to achieve higher rankings on the search engine results page few businesses tend to use Black hat SEO for driving fast results. the practices included and the Black hat SEO are buying of links copying the content hidden text and links clocking keyword stuffing and link spamming and many more. these tactics will surely optimise your website but it will not last for long. Google will catch on the signals and once your caught your website will suffer the search engines will punish your business and can even buy your website from appearing in the relevant search results

Grey Hat SEO

GREY hat SEO is a perfect blend of white hat SEO and Black hat SEO, the technique used under grey hat SEO is good for your website but also they are enlisted as a bad ones. Clickbait articles spun content reviews and link exchanges are some of the grey hat SEO techniques that are widely being used by the businesses to rank better and faster the search engine results pages

Negative SEO

Negative SEO focuses on hurting the reputation of the competitors website these techniques are implemented to decrease the business ranks of. their competitors in order to improve their rankings the strategies used under negative SEO includes building of unnatural links to the competitors website posting negative reviews and hacking websites in order to modify the content

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