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Which are the best laptop brands that are extremely reliable and great performers?

Finding the best laptop for you can be tricky as well as complicated at times. It is mainly because of the various laptop brands that are available in the market today and most of those brands are top rated and ruling the world of technology. Choosing a better laptop which can suit your day to day works and activities is very important as buying a laptop is a huge investment and you can’t buy a new laptop every year.

Some of the main differences between the major laptop brands are based on their operating system, software quality, battery life, design and build-up quality. Also, the public opinions regarding various laptops differ and each laptop brand carries a different image in the eyes of the laptop users. This article will show you some of the best laptop brands that are top options in the market right now.


This laptop brand is one masterpiece when it comes to perfect editing of your photos. It is the most precise pick for all the photographers as well as enthusiasts who require variety of processing capabilities in their laptop. This laptop is the best pick for businessmen, students as well as for daily use.

This one comes with a powerful processor which helps in delivering great performance. You can even store many photos as there is 256 SSD storage which can handle large number of high-resolution pictures. The battery life of Dell laptops is 8 hours and even more depending on the model that you are buying.

The best models to buy under Dell are Inspiron, XPS and Latitude. These laptops are ultra-thin, high end and also highly affordable too.


When you are choosing a laptop for you now, always go for laptop which will make your work smooth and should be also reliable. Acer laptops have smoked all the other laptops for its impressive battery life and great runtime.

All the other features like brightness, display quality, screen length are also highly impressive. The RAM and storage facility has been increased to a very high level. Acer laptops are best known for their superior specs than other brands for the same price and quality.

The best models that you must buy under Acer are Chromebooks, Swift & Spin, Travelmate and Aspire.


Apple stands first in the crowd for developing the idea about the laptops with touch screens. They had come up with this excellent perception to modify the laptops with touchscreen which has made laptops even more viable and comfortable. It has created much more difference between the laptops and computers.

The RAM and storage facility has been increased to a very high level. With the 4k quality, it has made the work of all the video editors even easier by providing good quality in editing the videos. The touchscreen laptops have been providing jaw dropping performance. It also reduces the chances of charging and also lets you use the laptop for the whole day.

Best Apple Laptop models are MacBook Air, MacBook and MacBook Pro. All these laptops are known for great design, performance and quality.

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