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3 Online Reviews Myths

Are the fallacies about the online review is taking you away from utilizing the essential business tool? If you are trapped by the statement saying “no one is reading reviews anyway”, then it’s high time for you to break the myth in order to kill the company’s opportunity for growth. Perhaps, 90% of the consumers do check out the online reviews before visiting or purchasing from the business, also 31% of them are most likely to spend money on the companies that has amazing reviews featured. Based on the reviews, users decide to either make the purchase or not. It’s important you do not keep holding back by a misconception.
Listed below are the most common myths about the online reviews that needs to be avoided.

Five myths about online reviews in real estate – CREA

Myth 1- Only upset people tend to write an online review

The myth says that people write reviews only to complain about a happening or unfortunate behavior or relevant issues with the company. But the fact is that customers who are genuinely happy with your product or services are the most likely ones to post a review. Also, there would be ones sharing their bad experiences but that gives you a golden opportunity to win their hearts by responding to their comment positively.

Myth 2- Only the star rating matters

Days are gone when people used to judge the businesses based upon the star rating, now people tend to go in depth and gain valuable information through online reviews before visiting your business for any purchase of product or services. Apparently, customers read for minimum of about 10 reviews before trusting them.

Myth 3- I already have sufficient reviews

Reviews can never be enough, the more the reviews the better your business would do. It is highly suggested that for any business to keep themselves active and successful, its important to get a review written within past 30 days of duration. If you have great reviews but from 2-4 years ago, then most of the people would end up wondering, why none recently? And, this make question itself defines how important it is to keep reviews coming in on regular basis.

To conclude, collecting online review should be a regular part of marketing strategy for any business type if you want to gain the best of the advantage that you easily can. Never underestimate the online reviews, they can be a boon to your business boosting the conversion rate.

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