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4 Best Web Analytics Tools

Irrespective of what phase your business is in, in this digital growing world you must have surely put in some thoughts about the online presence specifically about your company’s website. Your company’s website reflects your business identity and to ensure that it is the true reflection of your business, web analytics play a major role. In simpler words, web analytics is a process of collecting, analyzing and reporting the data in order to optimize the web. There is a huge variety of web analytics tool available that provides a simpler yet effective report to examine the website traffic, monitor the user behavior and conversation rate. In this article we will be discussing about the Top Website Analytics Tools that are great to rely upon;

Google Analytics

How to Get Raw Google Analytics Data Using Keen IO | Uploadcare

Google Analytics tool is one of the most popular website analytics tools that permits you to track the blogs, websites, social network and provides you personalized data. The tool helps you to understand how your website is being utilized by the people, enables you to organize the data efficiently. Also, it provides a huge variety of reporting tools to pick from while you can easily integrate numerous Google products. The Google Analytics tool supports both, desktop and mobile applications.


Mixpanel is known for its unique features that allows to track the user interactions through web applications and mobile. The tool offers reports that enables you to track the user behaviour. Building a dashboard is easier here, also you can improve the conversation rate by comparing the different groups of users. You can know more about your users as the tool permits you to zoom in their profile.


Motomo provides easy to understand reports to know how is your website being accessed by the users. The tool lets you check the user profile, custom the feature as per your preference, supports huge range of plugins and addons. Also, you can migrate data between the hosting options. The in-built General Data Protection Regulation manager is remarkable.


A website traffic analysis tool, Statcounter enables you to monitor, analyse and understand the user behaviour that would help you make better decisions. This tool can help you increase traffic by implementing SEO activities on your website. You can analyse the paid traffic, track the number of clicks made on the link and banner ads by the visitors on your website. You can also identify the profoundly visited pages.

To conclude, there are numerous of tools available out there which includes Adobe Analytics, Hubspot’s Marketing Grader, SimilarWeb and much more. You will have to pick the best ones for your business based upon what your focusing the most. The above listed web analytics tools are best of its kind. To know more, stay connected to us.

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