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Facebook Pixel Overview 2020

Facebook pixel is referred as a piece of code that can be placed within your website which permits the users to monitor the conversions made via Facebook ads optimise the as built targeted audience for future advertisements and retarget the people who have previously interacted with your website. this tool box by dropping a cookie that will be tracking the visitors on your website so that you can reach out to them later which is referred as retargeting of the audience. Once you advertise to people that have previously interacted with your website then with the help of Facebook pixel you can track the user behaviour when they are back onto your website.

Reason to use Facebook pixel

Facebook pixel has ability to provide you with the necessary information that can be used in order to create better Facebook as well as offers you the opportunity to target your audiences much more precisely and relevancy. Why Facebook pixel tracking the actions taken on your website after entering your Facebook ad your ad can be bed to reach consumers that are more likely to make a conversion. It’s ok even if you are not running and Facebook ad, you can still consider installing the Facebook pixel on to your website and gather data as much as possible so that you will be already to go when creating and launching your Facebook ads. you can also place the pixel for Instagram on your website before launching their ads on Instagram.

Facebook Pixel | The Ultimate Guide |

Creation of Facebook pixel code

with ads manager you can create and implement the Facebook pixel

To begin with you will just have to go to the pixel section

Click on create a pixel

Enter a name for your pixel

Click install pixel now

copy the code of the pixel and paste between the tax on each web page or in your website and click to install it on your entire website

if you want to keep monitoring different kinds of actions in specific pages add events to the specific page. The event code permits the users to track the actions and leverage them in advertising

Bonus point

consider using the pixel helper which is a tool that enables you to validate a Facebook pixel. Also you can verify if your pixel works properly troubleshoot common problems and learn how to improve performance with the help of this tool

Benefits of Facebook pixel code

Lookalike audience

You can create look like audience by utilising the data from the Facebook pixel. this type of audiences are created based on the shelf trades with the specific group of existing prospects

Retargeting campaign

as stated earlier Facebook pixel will allow you to show targeted as to the people who have previously been interacted with your website


Without Facebook pixel on your website you cannot measure the impact of your Facebook advertising therefore in order to track the data which includes searches on your website age views on items that are added to a shopping Cart it is important for you to have Facebook pixel installed

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