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How is Greengeek working for people?

Choosing a good web host is very crucial for all the website giants, because of the very reason that a good web host will always look after your site setups and all the other technical matters. The speed of the internet server that you are using is also controlled by the web host that you have selected. Green Geeks is one such web hosting platform which you should always look forward to.

Green Geeks also known as Green Web Hosting provides secure and eco-friendly web hosting services. They care for the environment to the fullest and the speed that it provides is superfast. They provide services to all types of companies, no matter small or big. Apart from this, it’s not just ‘Carbon Neutral” but also it’s effectively “Carbon reducing”.

They have been ensuring to invest in the renewable energy and the Bonneville Environment Foundation purely helps them with this attempt. Along with the social responsibility, Green Geeks also manages to provide a good hosting experience with the help of its impressive features and benefits. It is an affordable platform too!

Lite can be perfect in case if you are taking up small websites and if you are a beginner. Pro on the other hand is better for those websites which are on their way of gaining more acceptance and popularity. It provides unlimited websites, a click app installer, unlimited data transfer, free wildcard SSL, double performance as compared to any other host and they also include the power cacher. Earlier, if you purchase Pro, you would have been charged $14.95/mo. But now it has reduced to $5.95. The third plan that’s provided by Green Geeks is Premium. This plan is actually good for those who are handling big websites and online stores.

Adding to all the benefits that have been already discussed above, the web host is also developer friendly and has been always providing 24/7 technical support whenever required. It also extends help through live chat, email processing and also through telephone. When you choose Green Geeks, you are undoubtedly adding more value to your website.


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