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Interserver Review 2021: Pros of Interserver

InterServer has been around the web hosting service for more than two decades now. It started when a group of college students, who were tech enthusiasts and the idea of providing web hosting to small companies and entrepreneurship.

It is one of the free web hosting sites and domains in the market today and this article will help you how you can get free web hosting services today. When it comes to the infrastructure of the company, it has two major data centers in New Jersey, which also acts as the headquarter of InterServer.

The company has recruited over 200+ staff members and when you compared it with other companies like HostGator, GoDaddy it is relatively smaller. But there are advantages to that such better service and customer and support. As it has come to light that it is currently focused on solidifying its services to be a reliable company in the market. But making such a statement lets look why InterServer is the best web hosting for small business and medium-sized businesses.

“Grab Interserver Hosting at $2.5/Month for Life”

InterServer claims that it specializes in providing web hosting services in the areas like dedicated hosting, shared hosting and VPS hosting. There is a wide array of servers to choose from such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. The company claims it to be the best budget-friendly services providers in terms of web hosting while retaining its quality.

What are Pros of InterServer?


This factor can separate good web hosting services from an average web hosting company. In case, of InterServer, it claims to provide an uptime of 100% and can be helpful in web hosting for WordPress. Therefore, if a service company promises an uptime of over 99 % then it is fairly good. As studies and records indicate that it is technically impossible to reach the stats of 100 % uptime due to factors such as internal server errors, slow connectivity, and power interrupt. 


Good value for money is always the factor, people consider when choosing a web hosting services provider. The company claims that the starting prices for the basic come at a minimal fee of under 5$ a month. Although, there are companies that offer their services at under 4 $ a month. Therefore, it is not one of the cheapest in the business but with a range of features packed it is not bad either. Some of the free features that come bundled with the plans are free website migration and free SSL Certificates.


If a website fails to load under 2 seconds then it is most likely to be exited. As has been found in studies that when visitors and customers find that if a web page takes more than usual time then it can be trusted. This can hurt online business especially if you have an e-commerce website. If your websites frequently suffer traffic drop make sure that if a service provider is keeping up to the promised speeds.

Great Features

InterServer comes packed exciting offers and most of the hosting needs are covered by the company such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and VPS hosting. It provides web hosting for WordPress and comes with features like one-click installs and many other features important for WordPress and Windows hosting. VPS services from InterServer have been popular among the users and users didn’t report any facing issues in the initial months of the service.

Customer Support

With good support, you can be assured that your website is safe from technical issues and other errors. InterServer follows the 24/7 365 days policy and the customer handler is technically skilled and can solve your issues in one sitting. It has also bagged an award from Better Business Bureau and a 5-star hosting award from WHSR.

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InterServer is one of a decent web hosting provider and no matter if it is the best web hosting for small businesses. We are pretty sure that it can handle big clients too. And with pricing and features, it is worth using the services of InterServer.




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