List Of Top Business Tech Jobs

List Of Top Business Tech Jobs

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Technology is the backbone of any company. Without it, business operations would break down and innovation would come to a standstill. In an age where computers are becoming more ubiquitous than ever, technology jobs have become some of the most in-demand roles in the market. Here’s a list of top business tech jobs for those who want to get their foot in the door.

Tech CEOs

  • CEOs are the highest-ranking executives in a company of top business tech. They oversee all operations and have ultimate responsibility for the overall performance of the company. They are often the public face of their organization and must be able to relate to both internal employees and external partners.
  • CEOs need to have strong business acumen, leadership skills, vision, and communication abilities to succeed. It’s also important for them to be cognizant of current trends in technology so they can help guide their companies forward with new innovations that drive growth.


Developers are the people who build software. They write code and use it to create websites, apps, games, and more. Developers work in many different programming languages, including Java and C++. They also work on many different platforms (such as Windows or Linux operating systems), which is why they’re called cross-platform developers. Developers can specialize in building e-commerce sites, web applications that run-in browsers such as Chrome or Firefox, mobile apps for Android or iPhone/iPad devices the list goes on!

Networks and Information Security Administrator

To be a Networks and Information Security Administrator, you’ll need to know how to configure, manage and troubleshoot networks. You should also be able to identify security threats and implement security measures. A good Network Administrator is always on the lookout for unauthorized access, so it’s important that they’re aware of any suspicious activity going on in the network.

Web Developer

The job of a web developer is to design, build and maintain websites and web applications. This role requires problem solving, critical thinking and attention to detail. Web developers must be able to communicate their ideas clearly so that they can work collaboratively with other team members. Their creativity plays an important role in the creation of new websites or applications as well as in developing new ways of using existing technology.

Project Manager

A project manager is responsible for managing a project from start to finish. They are usually the first point of contact for clients, and as such must be able to communicate effectively with all parties involved in the project. Project managers must also be able to meet deadlines and budgets, as well as manage multiple projects at once.

Business Development Representative

What they do: Business development representatives (BDRs) are responsible for generating leads, building relationships with customers, and managing existing accounts. They identify new opportunities for their company to increase sales, then follow up on the leads.

Benefits: The Bureau of Labour Statistics states that BDRs earn an average hourly wage of $24.60 across the United States in 2016. While there are no specific educational requirements to become a BDR, it’s helpful if you have experience working in a sales environment or have a degree in business administration or marketing from an accredited school.

Growth outlook: According to the U.S Bureau of Labour Statistics, this profession is expected to grow by 15 percent between 2014 and 2024 much faster than average as businesses strive for increased efficiency through technology solutions like CRM systems or cloud services that allow them to scale up quickly, when necessary, without having to hire extra staff members until demand increases further down the road.

A list of top business tech jobs

The list of top business tech jobs is if a scrollbar, but we’re going to try and keep it concise by listing the most popular tech positions and what they entail.

  • Systems Administrator: This job involves making sure all systems are running properly and up to date. It requires familiarity with different types of networks and hardware, as well as knowledge of software design principles such as object-oriented programming (OOP).
  • Software Developer: The main tasks of this tech job include developing new software programs or updating existing ones based on customer requirements. It also involves building prototypes, testing them, identifying bugs in them, and fixing them before rolling out the final product.


I hope this list of top business tech jobs has inspired you to find your own role in the field. If you’re interested in becoming a developer, computer systems analyst, network and information security administrator or artificial intelligence engineer, check out our free step-by-step guides on how to get started. And if you have any questions about which job might be right for you, feel free to reach out!