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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Website URLs are one of the most basic components, but incredibly significant. It can seem straightforward but the art of URL optimization is difficult to learn. So, we worked for you, sending you Tips for SEO beginners to build SEO-friendly URLs.

First of all, the domain you chose is more important than you thought. Our argument is that “.com” is the most common and trustworthy domain over any other domain. Therefore, always go to domain if you have the choice. You will only use other alternatives if you cannot find the preferred domain in .com.

Short URLs: Short URLs are stronger than long URLs at all times. For both search engines and consumers, the URLs should be easy to recognize. Keep short and concise! You should spend some time and effort in producing brief but informative URLs because the length of the Web site URLs plays a crucial role in ranking and user experience.

Other than:

Try something a little bit more briefly:

  1. HTTPS: “TRUST” is the key element in the group You won’t continue to the market if the clients don’t believe you. Many web owners are already pressured to turn on HTTPS for good by growing the amount of Internet assaults and people’s consciousness. HTTPS encrypts user-server data and preserves confidential visitor details. For e-commerce sites or for those containing confidential consumer information, HTTPS is mandatory.
  2. Readability: Readability:

What URLs would you like to see below?

The following:

Funny-comics or

And this is the following: / funny percentage 45kg^%6jhn 6473%

The first choice is probably because it is easy to understand and tells you precisely what to expect when you click the page. While the second alternative offers you not only a spammy, unreliable site but also no information about the page to which you connect.

  1. Do not stress hyphens

Generally, it is assumed that underlines of the URL naming conventions are preferred over Hyphens. That’s not the case, though. It was explicitly mentioned by Google:

Hyphens look nice and Google now likes hyphens even more than underscores.

  1. Keywords

It is not a brainier to improve the ranking by placing keywords in the URL. However, only a few people know how it is harder than nice to jam keywords in the URL or to repeat the same keyword. It’s not 2000, it’s 2017, and you can’t just trick Google into a single URL by putting the same keyword twice. Actually you will be penalized for such activities. In fact.


Hope, this article has been informative to you, do share your views about the same.

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