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Windows 10 Reviews

Windows 10 has been one of the best series of personal computer operating system produced by Microsoft so far. The additional test builds of windows 10 are available to Windows insiders. The windows 10 is the successor of Windows 8.1 and being the successor it has got its own set of benefits.

The speed has been upgraded and it receives critical updates like security patches and the life span support is expanded up to 10 years. It supports all kinds of universal apps and it’s one of the most recognizable feature about windows 10 and all these apps can be run across Microsoft and their identical code can be absolutely similar.

The start-up folder of Windows 10 is one of the most important element in the computer software. It is the folder where all the shortcuts for the applications on the software are saved. It is where you can choose whatever application you wish to open and start operating on it. It is a default taskbar that is present on all the Windows 10 operated computers or laptops.  It doesn’t include any option to add any other application. All the softwares and applications run automatically in the start-up bar of Windows 10. There are two ways by which you can find Start up option.

It seems like every version of Windows brings a different theme and Windows 10 is no different. It is more restrained than Windows 8 but not as boring as Windows 7. The black theme sets stage for windows 10, out of which you can choose various colours too if you are not a fan of black colour. The effects have returned to windows 10 from their roots in window vista and windows 7.

Microsoft has added a dedicated button to the task bar to try and get Windows 10 users to activate Task View and start using it. Microsoft claims the vast majority of its users have never used Alt+Tab to switch apps, so the idea is to help those users get better at multitasking.

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